Net Vampire Manager component was designed for Borland Delphi/C++ Builder. It allows to get full control over Net Vampire jobs. You can add, view, edit or delete any job and also startup Net Vampire itself. Component has several events to be fired when state of some job has been changed. This is useful for job monitoring tasks. Below you can see public and published methods and properties of Net Vampire Manager component:

  TNVManager = class(tComponent)
    function ReloadJobsInfo: Integer;
    function AddJob(const aURL: string; InitialState: TJobPhase; const ATag: String = ''): string;
    procedure DeleteJob(const AIndex: string; DeleteFiles: Boolean = False);
    function JobIsHere(const AIndex: string): string;
    procedure RunVampire;
    property Count: Integer;
    property Jobs[const AIndex: string]: TNVJob; default;
    property JobByIndex[AIndex: Integer]: TNVJob;
    property TheFolder[AIndex: tIniType]: string;
    property RootFolder: string;
    property VampireIsRunning: Boolean;
    property RefreshInterval: Integer;
    property AutoRefresh    : Boolean;
    property DefaultTag     : string;
    // events
    property OnReloadJobs: tNotifyEvent;
    property OnJobChange : TJobChangePropsEvent;
    property OnDeleteJob : TJobEvent;
    property OnNewJob    : TJobEvent;


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