VCX library

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Vibrant Communicator ActiveX (VCX) Library is a set of COM controls designed to utilize audio devices, codecs,
TCP/IP stack and RTP/RTSP protocols to help developers build robust and scalable real-time audio streaming applications in a short time.

Key features

  • low latency real-time compressed audio streaming over RTP/RTSP or raw TCP
  • peer-to-peer, one-to-many, broadcast/multicast and conference communications
  • record conversation into an audio file
  • publish your solutions on the Internet/web
  • low bandwidth, 33.3 kbps modems compatible
  • DSP library includes equalizer, FFT and more
  • send/receive text messages in addition to audio data
  • Develop in C# VB, VB.NET, C++, Silverlight and any COM compatible IDE


Knowledge base

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