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Simple WaveIn-WaveOut loopback

Record and playback audio stream using a sound card.

WAVe recorder/player

Record audio, create .wav-files, playback them and visualize audio stream.

ASIO sample

Shows how to list, record and playback via ASIO drivers.


Mix audio stream from a sound card with the stream from a WAV-file


Build component chains by attaching several consumers to one provider.


Build a simple voice chat application.

Voice Chat

Build a chat application in ultra-short time.

IP Streaming

Powerfull RTP streaming components.

RTSP Multi-Transmitter

RTSP Server sample.

STUN Server and Client

STUN sample.

RTP Conference

Robust RTP conference server and client for large number of participants.


Build a multi-user voice and text chat server using few lines of code.

Volume Control

Give applications control over installed Windows mixers.

Remote Lecturer

Distribute audio stream being received from a remote source among several clients.


Stream audio to an external network device such as Barix Exstreamer/Instreamer/Anuncicom.

Web sample: MediaGate Client

Develop web-based communication solutions.

Source code

Full source code of sample projects for VCX Library is located in demos folder of the installation root directory.
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