VCX. Audio streaming over TCP/IP

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VCX Library provides the software developer with a handful set of components for recording and playback of audio streams through one of the installed sound cards; mixing, resampling, reading and writing wave files; encoding and decoding a stream by different codecs. Customers will discover the ability to control the Volume Control panel, display audio stream graphically, similar to the display in WinAmp. The library also provides TCP/IP server and client components for peer-to-peer, multi-user and broadcasting audio communications.

The configuration flexibility in VCX Library is perfectly complemented by its ease of use. These two qualities make the library a perfect choice for beginners, unversed in audio stream technologies, and advanced developers, who need maximum abilities in configuring software. With the division of its components into providers and consumers of audio stream, the library in a way resembles meccano pieces in Lego. The developer can use these pieces to build different types of component configurations, which address particular development needs.

The MediaGate component in VCX Library is one of the examples of its ease of use. The developer can use this component to realize a peer-to-peer voice chat in his application. The strength of the component is that it doesn't require you to know all subtleties of audio stream technologies. The only code the developer has to add looks refreshingly simple (sample in VB):

Gate.Active = True ' accept incoming connections 
Gate.Connect txtServerIpAddress.Text ' connect to server . 
Gate.Disconnect 'disconnect from server

As extra abilities, MediaGate allows exchanging text messages, enable or disable sound recording and playback and display the dialog for customizing the quality of audio stream in the convenient for the end-user way. VCX Library doesn't require any additional software support, for example, DirectX. It is designed to use inbuilt Microsoft Windows means for processing audio.

VCX Library Features at a Glance

  • Low latency real-time compressed audio streaming over TCP/IP
  • Peer-to-peer, one-to-many, broadcast and multi-client communications
  • Read, create, write and stream wave files stored on a disk
  • Few lines of code for advanced applications
  • Easy to use components for accessing system mixer and volume controls
  • COM-based technology increases your productivity and reduces development time