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Components reference

Base interfaces

IvcproBaseEvents (IDispatch)
Can be implemeted by client to hook events
void OnDataAvailable()This method is fired every time component has produced or received new chunk of data. Use this event to access the stream data

IvcproProvider (IvcproBase)
Supports data provider's methods
VARIANT Read(IvcproConsumer* consumer)Returns data from output stream. "Consumer" parameter indicates the methods' caller
void AddConsumer(IvcproConsumer* consumer)Adds consumer to list
void RemoveConsumer(IvcproConsumer* consumer)Removes consumer from list
void addConsumer2(BSTR Value)New method for linking: adds consumer to component. Use consumer.asConsumer() method as Value
void removeConsumer2(BSTR Value)New method for linking: removes consumer from component. Use consumer.asConsumer() method as Value

IvcproConsumer (IvcproBase)
Supports data consumer's methods
void Write(IvcproProvider* provider, VARIANT* data)Writes data to input stream. "Provider" parameter indicates the methods' caller
void AddProvider(IvcproProvider* provider)Adds provider to list
void RemoveProvider(IvcproProvider* provider)Removes provider from list
BSTR asConsumer()New method for linking: returns Value which could be passed to addConsumer2() and removeConsumer2() methods

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