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RTP Conference client.

Allows participating in RTP conferences.


Dispatch interface for RTPConfClient component
void disconnect_client(void)Disconnects client from server, closes connection and frees resources
void getConnectionStatus([out] long* timeLeft, [out, retval] long* status)Returns seconds passed since last ping received from server (timeLeft) and connection status
void getBW(VARIANT_BOOL isIN, [out, retval] long* bw)Returns IN or OUT bandwidth
void getError([out, retval] HRESULT* res)Returns additional error code
void setSrvMasterKey(BSTR key)Sets server's key to use
void setEncoding(long enc, long rate)Specifies sampling rate and codec index to use
void getSSRC(long index, [out, retval] long* ssrc)Returns SSRC of this client session
void getVolume(VARIANT_BOOL isRecording, [out, retval] long* volume)Returns IN or OUT current volume level
void setVolumeModify(VARIANT_BOOL isRecording, long modifier)Specifies volume modifiers for IN or OUT streams. Valid values are from 0 to 100
void getStreamEnabled(VARIANT_BOOL isRecording, [out, retval] VARIANT_BOOL* isEnabled)Returns enabled state of IN or OUT stream
void setStreamEnabled(VARIANT_BOOL isRecording, VARIANT_BOOL isEnabled)Enables or disables IN or OUT stream
bool ActiveSet to true to activate (open) the component. All other properties should be set to proper values before activation. Set to false to deactivate (close) the component
bool dsp_NSEnables/disables Noise Suppression.
bool dsp_AGCEnables/disables Automatic Gain Control.
bool dsp_VADEnables/disables Voice Activity Detection.
bool dsp_AECEnables/disables Accoustion Echo Cancellation. Not fully supported yet.
BSTR URISpecifies URI for client to connect to server. Syntax is the following:
bool IsFormatProviderWhen true the component will assign stream format to the consumer (if any). This simplifies the process of distributing stream format among linked components. For example WaveRiff component can assign PCM format to linked WaveOutDevice component, so WAVe file will be played back correctly

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