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RTP Conference Server.

Provides basic re-transmission of audio streams for multi-room RTP conference.


IvcproRTPConfServerEvents (IDispatch)
Can be implemeted by client to hook events
void onUserConnect(long userId, long roomId, BSTR ip, BSTR port, VARIANT_BOOL isConnected)Fires when client connects/disconnects to/from server
void onUserVerify(long userId, long roomId, BSTR ip, BSTR port, [in, out] VARIANT_BOOL* accept)Set accept to true to allow specified used to connect to server
void onRoomAddRemove(long roomId, VARIANT_BOOL isAdded)This method is fired every time new room is added or old room is removed from the server

Dispatch interface for RTPConfServer component
void setSrvMasterKey(BSTR key)Sets server's key to use
void roomGetBW(long roomID, VARIANT_BOOL isIn, [out, retval] long* bw)Returns room's bandwidth for IN or OUT stream
void roomGetCount([out, retval] long* nRooms)Returns number of rooms
void roomGetUserCount([in] long roomID, [out, retval] long* nUsers)Returns number of clients in a room
void userGetCount([out, retval] long* nUsers)Returns number of clients connected to this server
void roomGetUserBW(long roomID, long userID, VARIANT_BOOL isIn, [out, retval] long* bw)Returns bandwidth of IN our OUT stream of specified client
void roomGetName(long roomID, [out, retval] BSTR* roomName)Returns name of specified room
void roomGetUserIOFlags(long roomID, long userID, VARIANT_BOOL isIn, [out, retval] VARIANT_BOOL* ioEnabled)Returns IO flags of specified user in specified room
void roomSetUserIOFlags(long roomID, long userID, VARIANT_BOOL isIn, VARIANT_BOOL ioEnable)Enables/disables IO of specified used in specified room
bool ActiveSet to true to activate (open) the component. All other properties should be set to proper values before activation. Set to false to deactivate (close) the component
BSTR bind2ipSpecifies IP address of NIC to bind to. Default is (bind to all NICs).
BSTR portPort number to listen at.
bool autoCreateRoomsCreate rooms automatically. Must be true.
bool autoRemoveRoomsRemoves empty rooms automatically

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