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Provides functions for recording and playback volume manipulations.

Use methods of first IvcproVolumeControlX interface for very simple functions and methods of IvcproVolumeControl2X interface for complete volume controls access.


Dispatch interface for VolumeControl component
long GetRecVolume()Returns recording volume
void SetRecVolume(long Value)Sets recording volume
long GetPlayVolume(vcPlayDest PlayDest)Returns playback volume for channel specified by PlayDest parameter
void SetPlayVolume(vcPlayDest PlayDest, long Value)Sets playback volume for channel spefified by PlayDest parameter
long DeviceIdSpecifies device ID for the wave device
vcRecSource RecSourceSpecifies recording source

Dispatch interface for VolumeControl2 component
long GetMixerCount()Returns number of mixers installed in a system
bool SelectMixer(long iMixer)Selects and initializes specified mixer. All other methods works with selected mixer only. Valid mixer index is from 0 to number of mixers installed - 1
BSTR GetMixerName()Returns name of selected mixer
long GetLineCount()Returns number of lines for selected mixer. Usually mixer has only two lines: recording and playback
BSTR GetLineName(long iLine, bool ShortName)Returns name of specified line. Name can be short of full
long GetLineIndex(bool IsOut)Returns index of output (playback) line when IsOut is true, or input (recording) line when IsOut is false. Returned value can be passed as iLine parameter for other line-related methods
long GetLineConnectionCount(long iLine)Returns number of connections for specified line
BSTR GetLineConnectionName(long iLine, long iConn, bool ShortName)Returns name of specified connection for specified line. Name can be short or full. Valid connection index is from 0 to number returned by GetLineConnectionCount() - 1
long GetLineConnectionType(long iLine, long iConn)Returns type of specified connection for specified line, or type of line itself when iConn is -1
long GetLineConnectionByType(long iLine, long iType)Returns connection index for specified line with given type. If no connection with specified type exists, returns -1
long GetVolumeControlId(long iLine, long iConn)Returns ID of a control responsible for volume level for specified connection or line (when iConn = -1). This ID is useful in window messages handler only
long GetVolume(long iLine, long iConn)Returns volume level for specified connection or line (when iConn = -1). Returned value ranges from 0 (lowest) to 100 (highest)
bool SetVolume(long iLine, long iConn, long Value)Sets volume level for specified control or line (when iConn = -1). Valid values for level are from 0 (lowest) to 100 (highest)
long GetMuteControlId(long iLine, long iConn)Returns control ID responsible for mute checkbox of specified connection or line (when iConn = -1). This ID is useful in window messages handler only
bool IsMutedConnection(long iLine, long iConn)Returns True if specified connection or line (when iConn = -1) is muted. Otherwise returns False
bool MuteConnection(long iLine, long iConn, bool DoMute)Mutes or un-mutes specified connection or line (when iConn = -1). Returns True if operation was successful
long GetRecSource()Returns connection index selected as current recording source. If more than one connection can be selected, returns -1
bool SetRecSource(long iConn, bool EnsureNotMuted)Sets specified connection as current recording source and optionally ensures it is not muted if more than one connection can be selected

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