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RTP Conference Client and Server

This sample demonstrates how to use RTPConfClient to build a simple RTP conference client application.

1. Put RTPConfClient , WaveIn and WaveOut components on a form.

2. Link WaveIn to RTPClient and RTPClient to WaveOut using addConsumer2() methods.

3. Specify sampling rate and encoding using setEncoding() method.

4. Set server key using setSrvMasterKey() method and build proper value for URI property, as shown in sample.

5. Activate WaveIn to start new conference session.

6. When done, call disconnect_client() method to disconnect from server and deactivate WaveIn component.

NOTE: RTPConfClient component uses 3rd party DLLs for audio encoding and decoding. Please refer to download page for details about required libraries.



This example shows how to use RTPConfServer component to build a reliable RTP conference server.

1. Put RTPConfServer component on a form.

2. Assign server key using setSrvMasterKey() mehtod, specify Port for server to listen on.

3. Assign onRoomAddRemove() event handler to get notified when new room is added or some room is removed. (NOTE: this even is fired not from the main thread).

4. When done, set Active property to true to start the server.


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