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Web Sample: MediaGate Client

You can use VCX Library to develop web-based communication solutions. User opens web page with embedded VCX ActiveX client component that connects to computer where audio server software is running.

You can find source code (mgclient.html) for this sample in the demos\web folder. It is also available from Start Menu where VCX library is installed.

This simple HTML page creates our MediaGate component and uses it to provide full duplex audio chat with remote side.

When deploying this sample on web server please change CODEBASE attribute value to virtual web server folder where you put VCProWebX.ocx (VCProX.ocx web-edition) file.

In addition, please note that vcx.lpk also must be put on web server. The path to this file is specified in the "LPKPath" parameter of Microsoft ActiveX License Manager object.

Remote side should have one of our demo running: Conference, TalkNow, Chat or Remote Lecturer Server. Please set sampling rate, socket type (TCP/UDP), port and IP-address accordingly to demo settings before connecting to server.

Also, please note, that as with any other custom ActiveX control, it is a good idea to purchase a digital certificate for signing it, so web users can make sure they can trust it. Unfortunately such certificate is quite expensive, and we cannot provide one with our library. You will probably need to purchase it separately if you do not have one already.

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