VCX. Multi-user voice conference

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Describes how to implement a multi-user voice conference using Visual Studio (C#, Visual Basic .NET, Visual Basic 6.0 or Visual C++ 6.0).

Binary :


Multi-user voice conferencing allows a few users to chat with each other simultaneously. This helps organize online voice conferences, chat rooms, etc.

Multi-user voice conference diagram

Server setup

Specify a protocol, port and sampling rate. Press the Start/Stop buttons to activate/deactivate the server.

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Client setup

You can use our simple voice chat application as a Conference Server client. Make sure that you specify the same protocol, port and sampling rate as you have on the server side. Press the Connect/Disconnect button to start your chat session.

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Programming background

This demo contains the ConferenceServer component which does most of work for you. All you have to do is set networking properties: Proto and Port; and audio properties: FormatTag (codec) and Pcm... (quality).

Use ConferenceServer.Active = True/False to activate/deactivate your server.

ConferenceServer component reference