Conference system based on RTP protocol

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Previous conference system was OK for small number of users (up to 100-200), but if you need to support large amount of client connections (1000 and more), new design of conference system was required. With help of new RTP streaming components, it is now possible to create a new conference system, designed for large amount of clients.


This component uses a simple yet powerful protocol based on RTP protocol to join a room in conference server, and stream audio to and from the room.

All room participants hear each other like in usual meeting.

To join a room, you must specify user ID, room ID and server master password.

This component uses libspeex.dll for Speex encoding and decoding. Other encodings are currently not supported.

Our unaConfRTPcln.exe sample shows how to use this component to join a conversation on server.


This component implements RTP-based audio conference server. It maintains list of rooms and participants.

All communication is done via one UDP port.

Rooms will be automatically created and removed.

Our unaConfRTPsrv.exe sample shows how to start the server and display some information about it.


Precompiled binary of this sample is included in the Demos package.