VC components. Samples

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All samples can be downloaded with the Demo package as compiled binaries. To recompile a sample or build own application in your IDE, please download the Evaluation package or try a Freeware version.


Title Description Status License
Console samples Basic tasks, such as audio recording, playback and encoding. Healthy Freeware
Console Format converters Several converters for OGG/MP3/WAV files. All use third-party external encoders. Healthy Freeware
Console MPEG-TS decoder Dexumer for TS files. Healthy Personal
.WAV file player A simple .WAV file player with tempo and volume control. Healthy Freeware
Audio sampler Software audio mixer, resampler, recorder and playback application. Healthy Freeware
Pulse Gen Real-time multiply-tone generator with WAV recorder and frequency band display. Healthy Freeware
Loopback Loops WaveIn (recording) to WaveOut (playback) and shows the latency. Also shows how to change the size of chunk at run-time. Includes simple DSP filter selection. Healthy Freeware
Multi-channel (surround) mixer This sample mixes several source mono streams and maps them via several output speaker for surround playback. Healthy Freeware
Voice recording Records a voice, detects silence and optionally removes it from target file. Healthy Freeware
Delayed audio feedback (DAF) DAF sample, which shows how to achieve controllable latency of 20 ms or higher. Healthy Freeware
ASIO Samples ASIO loopback console and GUI samples. Healthy Enterprise
Frequency Bands Shows a number of frequency bands displays connected to one source. Healthy Freeware
EQ and band splitter Shows how to use equalizer and frequency band splitter from DSP library. Healthy Personal
Silence detection Displays how to adjust different parameters of silence detector of DSP library. Healthy Personal
Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) Uses Microsoft AEC module and requires DirectX and Windows XP or later. Mostly working Freeware
Dual Tone Multi-frequency (DTMF) decoder Real-time DTMF signals detector sample. Healthy Freeware
Tape recorder A simple audio recording sample featuring digital tape recorder functions. Healthy Freeware
Volume Mixer Shows how to use system mixer control (volume control). Mostly Healthy (may have some issues under Vista/7) Freeware
Voice chat Voice and text chat sample. Legacy
(RTP is preferred)
Push data Shows how to exchange data (pictures) over streaming connection. Legacy
(RTP is preferred)
Talk now Peer-to-peer audio streaming application with bandwidth display. Legacy
(RTP is preferred)
Net talk Peer-to-peer audio streaming sample with optional source mixing. Legacy
(RTP is preferred)
Audio tunnel An audio TCP/IP tunnel, which allows two parties to communicate with each other via third machine (a proxy). Legacy
(RTP is preferred)
Broadcast streaming Shows how to broadcast compressed audio over LAN. Legacy
(RTP is preferred)
Third-party encoders demo This sample records and plays back MP3/OGG files and streams using third-party external audio encoders. Healthy Freeware
Scripting Shows how to create and execute simple but powerful scripts for flexible audio streaming applications. Healthy Personal
ICY client Stream to and/or listens for audio from SHOUTcast compatible server. Uses third-party external MP3 encoders. Legacy
(New IP Streaming components are preferred)
RAW streamer Streams raw audio data over TCP/IP. No custom headers or protocol is used. Legacy
(New IP Streaming components are preferred)
Multi-consumer Shows how to distribute one audio source over any number of audio consumers, such as IP Server, WAV file recorder and others. Healthy Freeware
One-to-many streaming Receives and distributes one audio stream to several clients over TCP/IP network. Legacy
(RTP is preferred)
Multicast streaming Multicast source and end-point samples. Show how to create a multicast source, join a multicast group and stream real-time audio over multicast connection. Legacy (RTP is preferred) Freeware
Multi-room conference system A multi-room audio conference system sample, where clients can communicate with each other in different rooms.
NOTE: This sample is deprecated in favor of new RTP-based conference streaming approach.
(RTP is preferred)
IP streaming samples IPReceiver and IPTransmitter samples show how to send and receive RAW/RTP audio streams. IP Text sample demostrate live text input/output. IP Cusom Codec shows how to use other codecs (like GSM) with IP Streaming components. With IP Tunnel you can connect two or more clients which has no direct connection between them. Updated Personal
RTP-based conference system New conference client and server components provide support for RTP-based audio conference for large number of participants. Healthy Enterprise
RTSP Server multi-transmitter Streams from custom audio sources, specified by client. Supports local files, live recording and re-broadcasting audio from remote sources. Healthy Personal
STUN Server and Client Includes both STUN Server and Client parts. Healthy Personal
DNS Client Shows how to issue custom DNS requests. Healthy Personal

Status updated: 16 August 2012.