Receive and transmit RAW or RTP audio streams

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IP streaming components were designed for real-time data streaming over TCP/IP networks. There are two components: TunaIPReceiver and TunaIPTransmitter.



IPReceiver sample shows how to use the component.



IPTransmitter sample shows how to use the component.


IPCustomCodec Sample

If IP streaming componets do not support required codec directly, you can switch to ACM version of the codec. IP Custom Codec shows how you can stream own audio format using RTP dynamic payload type. Just make sure both sides are pre-configured to the same codec.


IPText Sample

In addition to audio, IP components can stream text. sendText() method and onText event can be used to send and receive strings. Below is IP Text sample working in receiver mode.

Both IPTransmitter and IPDuplex components can send text, while both IPReceiver and IPDuplex can receive it.


IPDuplex Sample

To send and receive audio at the same time you can use IPTransmitter and IPReceiver pair on each side, or simply use one IPDuplex component.


IPTunnel Sample

Sometines it is not possible to connect two or more clients directly. A simple RTP tunnel could be build, which will connect two or more clients based on list of rules. Rule can specify clients by their remote address:port, or by their SSRC identifiers.


IP Stream Pusher Sample

When you have a fixed list of receivers, you can force IPTransmitter component to stream audio to those destinations.



Precompiled binary of this sample is included in the Demos package.